Flexible Shared Calendar for Personal, Family & Teamwork.

You keep on track with teammates with a calendar app? Or, you’re using it to plan for yourself? Running a small company or making family arrangements?

Want to maximize the ease of your planning experience? Here are a couple of examples of how Tweek helps keep everything organized.

For Personal Use

  • Online or on-paper, Tweek is a perfect paper planner alternative.
  • Tweek is minimalistic, to-the-point, and a great fit when you just want a calendar without myriads of productivity tools attached.
  • Plan and Print or Print and plan. Tweek craves to get printed.

For Professionals

  • Share your weekly schedule with clients. Let them see when you’re open for business.
  • Have a single shared calendar with your partner to make the most out of the collaboration.
  • Easily manage multiple calendars from a single Tweek account.

For Work

  • Streamline your team performance by having everything planned in a single calendar capable of task management.
  • Execute operative planning for several projects in one place.
  • Simplify your office management with Tweek’s to-do lists.

For Family

  • Plan family stuff and housekeeping via a shared calendar.
  • Never forget this single thing on a shelf: quickly craft your shopping list in Tweek.
  • Plan your trips and travel packing checklists.

For Students and Pupils

  • Keep track of your classes, assignments, projects, and exams in one place.
  • Weekly schedule overview at a glance.
  • Share it with your classmates or parents.