Tweekの背後にあるチームは、20年間Webプロジェクトを創り出してきました。 弊社は多くのプロジェクトを作成し、Web開発、ユーザーエクスペリエンス、デザイン、計画、およびプロジェクト管理に関する深い専門知識を蓄積してきました。



当時、Tweekは紙のプランナーに似たシンプルなスプレッドシートでした。 このような形で、Tweekは何年にもわたって私たちの整理整頓をサポートしてきました。 それは本格的な製品になる前から時を経ても不変でありました。 モダンなオンラインカレンダーでプランナーであるTweekは、紙上の経験の明快な本質を取り込みました。 関連技術とミニマルなデザインの組み合わせにより、ユニークな感覚とフローを持つプランニングツール Tweekが生まれました。

弊社は、ユーザーからのフィードバックを嬉しく思っております。 あなたの洞察は、弊社が前進し、将来の開発ロードマップを適応させるのに役立ちます。 レビューを残すか、Twitterで弊社をサポートしてください。

Emma Rose Horsley

Yet another weekly to-do planner I can see myself becoming completely obsessed with: http://tweek.so, a simple to-do weekly calendar - enuff said! #calendar #planner #todo

Falak Sher

I am in love with Tweek- a dead simple weekly calendar template to maintain your focus and boost productivity week over week.

Iván Flores

want a typographic design, a nice grid within a simple weekly to-do list?

Shawn Roos

This is so simply and wonderfully executed.

Juanka Pérez

Hoy he descubierto esta herramienta en el podcast de @joanboluda
https://tweek.so Gestiona tu calendario, el diseño me encanta y lo simple que es. Si se que esta Google Calendar, pero y si vuelve a fallar ? vamos buscando alternativas Creo que tiene app para móvil!!

I've been looking for a polished digital weekly planner for years and I finally found it! Such an underrated app.

Alston Antony

Tweek is a lightweight planner to maintain your focus and boost productivity week over week. Awesome work!

eu descobri um bem basic esses dias pra mim e foi perfeito. eu já tentei de tudo, mas hoje uso o bullet journal (ou seja, papel e caneta kkk) e esse app delicioso pra ter uma visualização semanal

Marie-Philippe Gill

Just discovered this simple, weekly view planner for tasks

Steven Van Loy

I have come across http://tweek.so, a simple to-do weekly calendar. I really like the minimalistic approach.
@TweekHQ #calendar #planner #todo

Anja van Staden

I love this so much I can die.


Tweek: 週単位でタスクを整理したい人向け。色付けるか、ピンで固定配置くらしか整理する方法ないけど、これくらいシンプルに使いたい人はいるはず。

Davinder Singh Kainth

Simple Works... One of the most simple implementation of to-dos tracker. Kinda like it.

Love the simplicity of this weekly planner by @tweekHQ


Düzenden tahrik olanlar için harika bir web app keşfettim. Mevzu gifteki kadar. Anladığım kadarıyla da ücretsiz. Güle güle kullanın: http://tweek.so

Shivashis Padhi

Appreciation tweet: http://tweek.so
I've had one of the most productive week in months, and I can't wait to see the new features and integrations they come up with. Kudos to folks

Lokesh Sanapalli

trying @tweekHQ impressed, excellent idea, implemented very well. I am actually looking for a weekly planner hard copy but couldn't find, but this app serves me well.


I'm a paper to-do list lover, but never in my life have I rewritten things so often in the past few months. I'm a digital convert.

https://tweek.so is my online to-do list of choice ft. colour coding, drag and drop and the ever important 'someday' section.

Vaya descubrimiento http://tweek.so, un listado de tareas semanales simple, claro y directo. @TweekHQ
 #calendar #planner #todo

Gabriel BP

Je vous conseille un site gratuit que j'utilise depuis 3 mois : Tweek. Il sert à organiser facilement nos semaines et journées. Un design minimaliste pour un vrai gain de productivité et un sentiment de satisfaction à l'accomplissement de nos tâches.

Anyway, if you are going to try to be productive today, I’m really liking https://tweek.so - it’s a to-do list and a calendar mashed together.

Bekah McDonald

I really don't need another To Do app, but this looks nice.

Nicolás Piccoli

Hace unos días empecé a usar Tweek. Es una simple web app que te deja hacer listas de tareas semanales. Me gustó porque es MUY simple, sin muchas vueltas.

Alex Balabanov

tweek.so looks like an ideal planning toolI love the simplicity, it just works, even more approachable than Trello

eva morell

hace poco @SrtaRed y yo descubrimos @TweekHQ, un calendario/to-do list minimal, claro y visual. y mira tú, que hemos abandonado asana por ello.os lo aconsejo total si gestionáis el trabajo como yo, con listas diarias de tareas/colores

mrs. robot

tweek.so: another to my list of no onboarding tools. Very clear use case and great UX.

Martin Keck

Switched from notebook to https://tweek.so. Very simple app, but to the point.

Elisabeth Daniels

Stay on top of your weekly tasks with a to-do app that's pretty and functional. And you can give Tweek a try without creating an account. https://tweek.so #todolists #productivitytips #productivity